• I Help Organizations Reshape Their Disaster Preparedness Culture​


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    to ensure your organization has the mindset, behavior, and tools to grow through today's change.


  • Who We Are

    Passion, Independence, Courage

    With Preparedness Matters expert coaching, you'll better understand how and where you spend your time and effort on disaster planning, crisis management, and business continuity. You will think more strategically about how you manage your business resiliency, workforce, and organization – feeling more in control, and focusing on what counts.


    We approach each problem with three essential elements: strategic thinking, creative solutions, and proven results. Whether you have existing plans or not, our unique approach can take your organization's resilience to the next level.


    We've developed disaster frameworks for iconic companies such as Walgreens, Sony, and Amazon, and possess decades of experience from our work at FEMA, American Red Cross, Regional Catastrophic Planning Team, and others. You won't find anyone with more diverse knowledge, expertise, and innovative, creative approaches to problem-solving.


    We're here to help you clarify your goals, and get you started along the road to becoming well-prepared for any contingency.

  • Experience Matters

    More than 35-years in government, non-profit, corporate, and disaster relief organizations.

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    U.S. Air Force & Nat'l Guard 23-Years Service

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    External Affairs & Community Relations

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    Regional Preparedness Manager

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    Project Mgr. Regional Catastrophic Team

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    Emergency Readiness & Response Mgr.

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    Emergency Preparedness Mgr.

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    Mgr. Workplace Resilience

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    Director Disaster Services


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    Vince Davis is an internationally renowned expert, future of disaster keynote speaker, author, and business resilience performance advisor.


    As Founder and CEO of Preparedness Matters organizational design and transformation firm, keynote speaker and author, Vince advises many of the world’s leading brands and organizations on the key shifts happening in disaster planning, emergency management, crisis management, businness continuity and community resilience. Vince is a master of change and innovation, digital transformation, leadership, and the future of work.


    He also coaches high-performing leaders with practical, life-tested ideas, concepts, and frameworks to elevate their impact and create lasting legacies.

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    Keynote Speaking

    Over three decades of real-world experience distilled into instantly-applicable mindset, behavior, and tools to grow through change in today's 'new normal'.


    Vince has ben a sought after speaker and presenter at numerous forums and conferences including:


    • International Crisis Management Conference - Boston
    • Disaster and Emergency Management Conference - Canada
    • Blacks In Green distinguished Speaker Series - Chicago
    • South Dakota Public Health Coalition
    • National Tribal Emergency Management Conference
    • International Network of Women in Emergency Management
    • Partners In Emergency Management Conference
    • Washington State Emergency Management Conference






    Virtual Solutions

    Customized virtual keynotes, workshops, and e-learning resources to help your organization grow through change. Preparedness Matters Podcast is an example of hard-hitting, relevant interviews with the leaders in Emergency Management, Business Continuity, and Crisis Managementt.













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    Customized consulting, training and workshops that give your organization a lasting mindset, resources and resilience for profitable growth through change.











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