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Preparedness Matters

It's a Movement


Author, Consultant, Speaker, Certified  Emergency Manager

I'm an author, consultant, and certified emergency manager with more than thirty-five years of experience building resilient companies and communities. My passion for preparedness was honed in the United State Air Force and Air and Army National Guard, at FEMA, the American Red Cross, Regional Catastrophic Planning Team, and in building disaster preparedness frameworks for companies like Walgreens, Sony, and Amazon. I believe we each have an obligation to ensure everyone, regardless of their economic or social circumstances, should be as prepared as possible to survive emergencies. My personal mission is to make a difference in the lives of people before, during, and after disasters.



Host, Journalist, and Content Creator

I’ve been heard on hundreds of outlets over the last 25 years of broadcasting on some of the country’s largest and most iconic radio stations. I love to share the stories behind compelling people, places, causes, and more through radio, television, podcasts, and production. I have interviewed many of the leading figures in food, sports, entertainment, and government on the local, major market and nationally syndicated radio and I'm passionate about podcasts and the future of preparedness storytelling.

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